Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Invoices will be handed out in class during the first week of each term. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that the fee invoices are received and paid by the due date. If you have any enquires ability your account or fees for classes we now have a designated fee enquiry email address being This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All fee enquiries need to be in writing.

All newsletters will be distributed via email and on the website, it is your responsibility to ensure that we have up to date email information and check the website regularly for updates. We will also post updates on our facebook page. We also invite you to join our instagram page – to follow Students and staff achievements and developments.

Dance Trilogy Teachers will make decisions as to the appropriate class level for each child and parents will be informed if a change is appropriate.

Children must be supervised when entering and leaving the building and students may not be outside in their dance attire. Students must be prepared with proper attire for all classes or they will not be permitted to participate. Hair should be up and off the face, or in a bun for ballet. In this respect, it is advisable that students show up 5 – 10 minutes early for class so that they have plenty of time to change and are ready for the start of class.

In addition to the dress code, conduct in class as well as in the waiting and changing areas is very important. Please be respectful of your teachers and other students before, during, and after class please do NOT enter the studio whilst a class is in progress unless asked by the teacher. Students must listen to the teachers and follow directions. In the waiting and changing areas it is important to remain quiet while waiting for class. These rules are in place so that students can learn without disruption and distraction. Punctual and consistent attendance is expected of all Dance Trilogy Students. Children, who arrive late, may be asked to sit and watch.

Dance Trilogy and its staff are not responsible for children who leave the premises so please ensure that you are at the studio a couple of minutes before the end of class to pick up your children.

Students are not permitted to leave the dance floor without their teacher’s permission. Food and Drinks must be kept in the waiting area. Only water is permitted in the studio. NO CHEWING GUM is permitted on the premises, for students, parents or teachers.

Students, parents and teachers are expected to pick up after themselves and please place all rubbish in the bins provided.

Please do not bring valuables we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. LOST and FOUND: There is a lost and found hamper in the waiting room, please check there if you have lost something. Please be courteous and place found items there as well.

Students, parents and teachers are expected to conduct themselves with respect for each other at all times. A co- operative environment is essential for learning. We reserve the right to refuse service.

Parents and friends are not permitted to stay and watch classes. We have found that doing this minimizes distractions and puts less pressure on the dancers. Don’t worry though we have ensured adequate supervision for every class and parents may wait in the waiting room.

Please remember that we want your child to enjoy dance and have fun most of all! However, learning the steps and preparation is important too! Just like school, students have homework from their dance classes. Their dance homework is to practice what they have learned each week in class. You will be amazed how much more your teacher will be able to cover in class if they don’t have to reteach steps. Please help enforce good practice habits!



All students are required to attend every class in which they are enrolled. Each student’s interest and progress is directly related to good attendance. Please remember that absences can hold back the student as well as the entire class. Unexplained absences may jeopardise the promotion of the student.

Dance Trilogy does not offer refunds or make-up classes for missed classes as we are still reserving the dancer’s place in that class.

Students are expected to arrive for class on time. Late arrivals disrupt the class and miss the proper warm-up at the beginning of class. Students who arrive late for class may be asked to sit and watch.



It is the responsibility of the student and parent to advise Dance Trilogy if a student has any issues which may prevent them from performing to their full capabilities. We request that this is noted on the enrolment form or as soon as a parent becomes aware of any medical concerns or injuries.. Dance Trilogy prides itself on providing a safe and supportive environment for dance. Dance Trilogy reserves the right to disallow Students from completing classes due to injury or if concerns for the safety of the student arise during class. It is at the discretion of Dance Trilogy staff to request medical clearance for any concerns raised by either the student/parent or teaching staff of Dance Trilogy. A medical certificate signed by a qualified medical practitioner must be provided for the continuation of classes.



Troupe membership or other competition/show groups are by invitation only.

Any student that is attending another studio will not be eligible to be selected for performance/solo classes at Dance Trilogy.

Uniforms must be worn to all classes. Any Troupe student missing 2 classes without a doctor’s certificate will not be eligible to compete at the next eisteddfod. Please remember this is a TEAM SPORT and your non-attendance at class and eisteddfods is letting down other members of your team. There are rules at each eisteddfod regarding minimum numbers of students required to perform and if you do not attend please remember that may mean the ENTIRE group may not be able to compete.

It is at the teacher’s discretion as to whether any students in troupe classes are not up to standard and they may not be included in every routine at every competition. Stretch class is compulsory for Performance/Jazz Troupe members aged 8 and over, and is strongly recommended for the 8 and under students.

Private Lesson students must commit to competing at a minimum of 3 Eisteddfods per year to ensure that private tuition can be maintained. If less than 3 eisteddfods per year are attended continuance of private tuition is at the discretion of Dance Trilogy management.